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Ref : 5619
   Added : 2022-01-08
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Year :
Size :
730X1040 mm
Colors :
Perfector :
M. Imps or hours worked :
Current state :
in production
Location :
Western Europe
Available :
Incoterm :
Price : only on request
Athens - Greece
Registration : 2017-02-17
Active ads : 10

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CAVOMIT was established in 1986 as a converter of conventional printing presses into hot-stamping equipment. Over the years a reputation for reliability, direct technical after-sale support and continuous upgrade of models combined with unbeatable pricing resulted in approx. 654 installations on platen presses and 213 large-format or cylinder conversions in Greece and abroad, a practical monopoly by local standards.

CAVOMIT CYLINDER 730X1040 packages
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The HOLO@CYLINDER 73X104 system is manufactured at the factory of CAVOMIT company with standard two foil-pull cylinders configuration (upgradable to four) and is mounted on a JOHANNISBERG cylinder letterpress. The letterpress machine is fully reconditioned and maintained with new spare parts guaranteed by CAVOMIT. The specifications of the original printing press manufacturer are preserved and restored during reconditioning. The new generation of hot-stamping machines has a big advantage. It is 1.5 m shorter than previous models and therefore can be placed easier in small premises.

Hot plate
Single-piece hot plate, 16 mm thickness, max. area coverage, made of high conductivity light alloy. The hot plate has temperature insulation from the machine body for increased energy savings and optimal heat allocation. The hot plate is placed permanently in a printing chase allowing easy replacement with cutting/creasing chase or spare hot-plate for fast changeover of various printing jobs. Auxiliary materials can be placed underneath the hot plate in order to achieve simultaneously hot stamping and embossing.

The required precision of the printing temperature is acquired through 18 reliable, parallel resistances unevenly allocated all across the width of the plate in 6 precision temperature control zones, controlled by an electronic card embodied on a PLC. The PLC monitors the zones through the touch screen with high accuracy.

A laptop with WINDOWS software is adapted to the machine for better operation.

The laptop has following advantages:
1. Better programming of the machine.
2. More warning screens.
3. INTERNET connection.
4. Very easy operation.

Operation switches:
1. Machine speed control.
2. Automatic / Manual operation.
3. Machine START button.
4. Machine STOP button.

Direct operation switches:
3. Manual operation of the machine.

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